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Leading Healthcare Compliance Experts

August 22nd @12:00:00 ET
Ethics and Regulatory Compliance
Kevin Fairlie, Esq.
Fairlie Law

August 30th @12:00:00 ET
Is The Reputation of Your Practice What You Think It Is?
Spiros Mantzavinos
The Mantzavinos Group

September 12th @12:00:00 ET
Improper Retention of Overpayments: Reverse False Claims and Private Payor Policies
Stephen Bittinger, Esq.
Bittinger Law

September 19th @12:00:00 ET
Emergency Preparedness Requirements
Stanley J. Szpytek
Fire and Life Safety, Inc

October 3rd @12:00:00 ET
Discounts and Waivers: When are they permissible? When are they likely illegal?
Robert Liles, J.D., M.S., M.B.A. & Paul Weidenfeld, Esq.

October 11th @12:00:00 ET
False Claims Act Liability And Whistleblower Laws
Shauna Itri, Esq.
Berger & Montague

October 24th @12:00:00 ET
The Critical Role of Background Checks and Exclusion Screening in Risk Management and Compliance Programs
Robert Liles, J.D., M.S., M.B.A. & Paul Weidenfeld, Esq.

November 1st @12:00:00 ET
Making the Complexities of E&M Auditing Simplistic in Approach and Understanding for Complete Physician Buy-In
Shannon DeConda

November 7th @12:00:00 ET
Educate Your Patients into Action
Jim Cucinotta, MBA
Halo Health International

December 12th @12:00:00 ET
The Second Victim Conundrum: Recognition, Intervention, and Protection of Peer Support
David M. Sommers, MD, JD, LLM
Medsome LLC