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Wednesday March 29th @ 12:00PM EDT

Corporate Compliance for Federally Qualified Health Centers in 2017

This webinar will review the critical compliance issues facing executives and providers at FQHCs across the nation. In addition to providing attendees with the essential elements of any health care compliance program, the webinar will highlight compliance issues unique to FQHCs including federal grant compliance and specific FQHC compliance issues outlined in the 2017 Office of Inspector General work plan.

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Kevin is a healthcare attorney with more than 15 years of experience. He is the Founding Member of Fairlie Law, LLC where he practices in the areas of healthcare regulatory compliance, general healthcare counsel, corporate and transactional law, and serves as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for multiple corporations in St. Louis that include the largest Community Health Center in the State of Missouri. 

Kevin has represented numerous agencies in major state and federal investigations and has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Justice in healthcare investigations. He knows first-hand the specific issues that investigators and prosecutors zero-in on with healthcare entities. Kevin’s business background provides him with in-depth knowledge on business development compliance strategies involving both payers and providers. He has successfully represented providers in disciplinary actions before state Boards and has significant experience with licensure and credentialing for providers across the country. 

Kevin obtained his law degree from the University of Missouri School of Law and his Master of Healthcare Administration degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine

Presenter - Kevin J Fairlie, JD, MHA

Founding Member at Fairlie Law, LLC

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Upcoming Webinar

Wednesday March 29th @ 12:00PM EDT

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