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Wednesday May 10th @ 12:00PM EDT

OSHA -Hazard Communication Training

Designed to help your medical or dental practice maintain compliance with the new Hazard Communication Standard, including a review of the SDS format and the pictograms. 

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Kelly provides OSHA and HIPAA training and consulting to help medical and dental practices maintain compliance within their facilities. She conveys the importance of a safe environment for employees while reducing the risk of penalties for the practice. In addition to delivering training, Kelly performs mock OSHA and HIPAA audits to help clients take corrective action to help reduce the risk of penalties before they happen. She also contributes to the OSHA Bulletin and the OSHA and HIPAA compliance manuals produced by DoctorsManagement.

Presenter - Kelly Ogle, BSDH, MIOP, CMPM, CHOP®

OSHA/HIPAA Specialist at DoctorsManagement

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Upcoming Webinar

Wednesday May 10th @ 12:00PM EDT

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