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Managing Drug Use in the Workplace

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Lauren E.M. Russell, attorney for Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, for an interactive discussion on “Managing Drug Use in the Workplace.” A summary of relevant considerations when managing employee drug use in the workplace, whether legal or illegal. Educational Objectives: 1. Understand the various employment laws that impact an employer's

Got Diversity. Get Inclusion! and the Pending FLSA Changes

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Warren Cook, President and CEO of SymbianceHR for an interactive discussion on “Got Diversity. Get Inclusion! and the Pending FLSA Changes.” Attendees will enjoy learning about building an inclusive workforce through application of strategies and out of the box thinking that creates a competitive advantage. We dismiss the myths, explain the

OSHA Compliance for Computer Workstations

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) states that each employer has a general duty to keep employees safe in a hazard-free environment. While OSHA has no specific standards for computer workstations, they can be a source of hazards, especially ergonomic ones. OSHA outlines the best working positions, workstation components, and workstation environment for employee

Infographic: Joint Commission Survey Agenda

The Joint Commission on-site survey process serves the purposes of evaluating organizations and providing education and guidance to improve performance and safety. The surveys are designed to be organization specific and may be unannounced. Surveys precede accreditation decisions, so they hold importance for any organization. For a breakdown of the agenda, check out our infographic.

Best Practices for Implementing PHI Security

First Healthcare Compliance hosts William McBorrough, Co-Founder and Chief Security Advisor at MCGlobalTech for an interactive discussion on “Best Practices for Implementing PHI Security.” This presentation will review security trends in the healthcare industry over the last year and present current top cybersecurity threats to healthcare organizations and patients. The audience will also learn strategies

Common Elements of Corporate Integrity Agreements

A Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) is negotiated with a healthcare provider or entity. This type of agreement is part of a settlement of federal healthcare program investigations arising under false claims statutes. In exchange for the agreement, the OIG agrees not to exclude the provider or entity from participation in the federal healthcare programs. Implementation and oversight of CIAs require significant personnel and financial resources. 
All types of organizations and providers may be impacted including pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities, and medical practices. Check out our infographic to become familiar with some of the common elements found in these agreements.

Medical Cannabis: Legal and Practice Considerations

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Gene M. Ransom III, CEO of MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society for an interactive discussion on “Medical Cannabis: Legal and Practice Considerations.” MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is the largest physician organization in Maryland. Educational Objectives: 1. An overview of Medical Cannabis issues 2. A focus on how Maryland

Designing an OSHA Compliant First-Aid Program

First-aid is the administering of emergency care for injury or illness before emergency medical service (EMS) becomes available. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to have someone, or multiple people, trained in first-aid for worksites that are not in close proximity to a hospital, clinic, or infirmary. While OSHA has certain standards