The First Healthcare compliance management program is the most comprehensive healthcare compliance solution available on the market. It addresses the compliance program management needs for physicians in private practice, hospital networks and health systems, healthcare billing companies and skilled nursing facilities, and others.

Alternative solutions address specific areas of healthcare compliance. The First Healthcare Compliance solution brings these all together in one place. Clients consistently attest to the value in time and money savings by having all their healthcare compliance management needs met in one place.

Seamless integration
A secure, cloud-based resource serves as the central tool with 24/7/365 access for ensuring all compliance requirements are met and to keep clients abreast of new or changing rules and regulations. HIPAA, OSHA, Employee Training modules and Policies and Procedures templates for customizing also reside here. Sample documents, risk assessments, LEIE screening and much more are integral to the online aspect of the solution saving substantial time and money by having all compliance needs met in a single place. Weekly compliance status reports, webinars, events, articles, white papers and other on-and off-line resources are available to ensure clients remain current and compliant.

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Live Support
Coupled with the online component of the solution is live toll-free support each business day from healthcare professionals. Clients attest to the value and high quality of this live support.

Offered on a subscription arrangement, clients share that the time savings gained from using the solution more than pays for the subscription. Furthermore, when considering the cost savings from not having to piece together a compliance management solution with fees from multiple providers, and the potential costs of non-compliance, the savings further add up for clients.