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Why is having a healthcare compliance program important?

Government rules and regulations require healthcare providers to have a compliance program in place. Not having one or having one that is ineffective increases the risk of costs that are economic, reputational and even criminal. An effective healthcare compliance program is important to help them avoid costly penalties, fines or more. Furthermore, it can help

How is this solution different from others in the market?

The First Healthcare compliance management program is the most comprehensive healthcare compliance solution available on the market. It addresses the compliance program management needs for physicians in private practice, hospital networks and health systems, healthcare billing companies and skilled nursing facilities, and others. “All-in-one-place” Alternative solutions address specific areas of healthcare compliance. The First Healthcare

Data security is so important, how do you keep our information secure?

The security of your data is also our utmost concern. All systems and data meet HIPAA requirements for storage and access. Centralized Control The First Healthcare Compliance online system component is “cloud-based,” meaning all data and software resides on a central computer server. The servers are located in physically secure locations within the United States.

Our employees work all shifts. Will your system be available when we need it?

Our system is available 24/7/365. The servers are located in climate-controlled buildings with redundant power and Internet connections. Monitoring servers check the system every 10 minutes to ensure the website is up and running. In addition, any scheduled maintenance requiring the server to be offline is announced in advance to ensure your entire staff has