If you are having trouble playing our courses, please check the tips below.  If your issue is not resolved, please contact us after reviewing the following information about helping us solve the problem.

Could you be missing a Flash Player?

Some of our courses use Adobe’s Flash Player.  Flash is already installed on a large majority of desktop, laptop and Chrome-based computers. Still, some browsers require Flash to be enabled for each website.

Enable Flash Player icon

If you see the “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player” or similar message, click on the image to begin the process.  If the page is “blank” where the video should be, the browser you are using needs to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin enabled or installed.  How to do this depends on which browser you are using:

Chrome:  If you are using the Google Chrome browser, Flash should already be installed and you just need to enable it. If you see the “Enable Adobe Flash Player” icon simply click on it.   You can also enable flash in Chrome by default for all websites using the instructions on the Adobe website.

Firefox:   You might need to install the Flash plugin if you are using Firefox.  If the plugin is installed but not enabled, see Enable Flash Player for Firefox.

Safari: If you are using Safari on a Mac, please download the Flash Player plugin and enable it.

Internet Explorer / Edge:  In Windows 8 and 10, the Flash Player is automatically integrated with the built-in Internet Explorer (“IE”) and Edge browsers. Follow the instructions that apply to your system:

Help Us Help You

If this does not solve the issue then please contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • what browser are you using, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc ?
  • what type of computer are you using, e.g.  desktop vs laptop, PC vs Mac?
  • what course are you trying to view?
  • at what point in the process are you having an issue?  (please be as specific as you can)