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3 Tips to Become a Happier Compliance Officer

Dissatisfaction at work is a common topic and a recent Gallup poll confirms anecdotal evidence that American workers are not engaged.  Therefore, they aren’t enthusiastic or involved at work.  

What does all of this mean for compliance officers and administrators who are often serving dual roles? Unfortunately, they may be even more likely to experience stress on the job.  The First Healthcare Compliance 2015 nationwide survey indicates that many professionals serving in this role feel especially challenged by trying to keep abreast of new and changing regulations while finding the time to meet ongoing requirements.

Coincidentally, there’s a great deal of information available about how to be happier in the work place.  The general philosophy encourages striving to be happier at work because efficiency and productivity will follow. Many common tips mirror the good advice endlessly given out by well-meaning moms such as; eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, and believe in yourself.

If you work in the field of compliance and would like to apply a few specific tips for becoming happier, give these a try:


1. Utilize Tools and Resources

There are multiple resources available to increase efficiency.  In the complex world of compliance, it is practically a necessity to have a few tools to accomplish everything in a timely and efficient manner.  

The compliance officer typically knows exactly what is needed to properly carry out certain tasks.  However, it becomes frustrating when the decision makers of the organization disagree. Fortunately, there are resources available to help solve this dilemma.  Author, consultant, and professor Kristy Grant-Hart states “first, you need to ask with specificity for what you want.  Second, you need to make the case as to why you need the resources.”  Whether you need better technology or another professional on staff, think about following this advice. Having the right tools and resources in place will help you achieve your compliance goals with peace of mind.


2. Stay Focused and Keep a Schedule

Staying on track means avoiding distractions.  This is especially important in the field of compliance with deadlines and time sensitive activities.

Many professionals manage to stay positive and upbeat most of the time because they stick to a schedule that allows them to focus on the priorities and enjoy much needed downtime when they aren’t working.  A little extra attention on scheduling and time management just might improve productivity and boost your happiness.

Another antidote to being frazzled and feeling overscheduled is to consider steps that increase focus.  Although meditation may be considered a buzzword and not a serious step toward increasing focus at work, it is rapidly gaining credibility.  Janice Mauritano is an attorney and former executive who provides great information for leaders looking to learn more about mindfulness and meditation.


3. Take Care of Yourself

Obviously, the most basic step is taking care of yourself so that you can be productive and organized to lead the compliance program while enjoying more happiness. At the very least, you want to avoid the loss of sleep commonly reported by compliance officers. In addition to following all of the well- meaning advice from your mom about eating right and exercise, you might want to consider a couple of other sources, too.

If you have time to read The Happiness Project  by Gretchen Rubin, you’ll gain all sorts of knowledge about becoming happier. This author also blogs and podcasts with helpful tips about being happier and she provides a quiz that helps you to learn more about yourself.  It’s a great place to start.

A very popular Ted talk by Brene Brown, an author and researcher in the field of vulnerability, provides information that is relevant to becoming happier in life and at work. She’s written several thought provoking books as a result of her research and this article applies directly to improving work place culture.  


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