Compliance Management Software

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The most comprehensive online healthcare compliance training library for employees!

  • Meets ongoing employee training needs
  • Federal HIPAA, OSHA and Fraud Waste and Abuse with annual alerting
  • A robust and evolving supplemental library including Federal
    Discrimination training, CME/CEU courses and much more
  • Gain real-time insight and reporting across multiple locations
  • Virtual training log and weekly status emails help managers stay on top of
    annual training requirements
  • Onboarding assistance from our Client Services team with continuous
    professional and courteous support

Customizable features to aid in comprehensive compliance management.


  • All 1st Professional™ features
  • Secure document upload, organization, and storage
  • Messages, e-mails, and documents easily distributed to employees for
    attestation and documentation
  • Incident reporting and management across the organization with real-time
  • Customizable access to zones
  • 24/7/365 Anonymous Helpline to reduce the risk of whistleblowers
  • Additional anonymous reporting via URL

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