5 Advantages of Online Compliance Training

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5 Advantages of Online Compliance Training
Healthcare compliance training ensures that all employees understand the laws, regulations and policies that govern their organization. Each organization has different policies they need to follow. The healthcare industry must be compliant with OSHA, HIPAA and fraud waste and abuse laws. Additionally, each organization sets specific standards and guidelines for their workforce.

Moving your compliance training online is a win-win for everyone because it saves time while keeping your healthcare practice up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Below are five advantages of an online compliance training solution for your employees.

  1. Stay on top of the latest policies for instant adoption throughout the company. 

    When new policies take effect, it’s critical that they are adopted throughout the organization as quickly as possible. However, this is difficult to do when you need to schedule an in-person training session that fits everyone’s schedules.
    With online healthcare compliance training, you don’t have to worry about scheduling a classroom training session. Each healthcare employee will receive a link, and they can complete the training session at a time that works for them. This quick training also allows your practice to adopt policies in a timely manner.
    First Healthcare Compliance offers a Training Plus package that allows your organization to upload your own modules or documents for distribution and attestation.

  1. Save money. Online training is more cost efficient than classroom training. 

    Classroom training is more expensive in the long run compared to online training. Once the online training program is up and running, employees can complete their sessions quickly and efficiently. No more waiting around for handbooks, and the costs of paperwork, travel, classroom rental, etc. are wiped away.

  1. Provide healthcare employees with targeted learning in small, digestible chunks.

    ‘Microlearning’ is quickly becoming one of the most effective learning tools because it delivers information in small, easily digestible chunks. This makes it easier to understand and retain the information, which results in putting the policies into practice. Plus, healthcare employees agree that they prefer this training compared to long lectures.

  1. Allow for off-site learning so that healthcare workers can still tend to their day-to-day responsibilities.

    The healthcare field is demanding, especially during the pandemic. Taking time out for classroom learning is no longer practical. Plus, waiting on classroom availability can take weeks to coordinate. Online compliance training makes it possible for healthcare workers to complete their training without missing any work.
    The First Healthcare Compliance virtual training log allows you to easily track successful completion of modules assigned for online training and provides the opportunity to record any training that occurs from another organization.

  1. Increased engagement. Online compliance training is more effective at active learning.

    When people sit through long lectures, they tend to get bored and zone out. Online training is different – it incorporates games, quizzes and activities that keep people engaged. When the information is relevant and easy to understand, healthcare workers have an easier time putting it into practice.
    If online compliance training is right for your healthcare organization, contact First Healthcare Compliance today. We will help you assign, train, and track completed modules of your workforce with our virtual training log so that you can feel confident – not overwhelmed.

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