5 Key Benefits of Auditing to Help Avoid Scary Scenarios

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5 Key Benefits of Auditing to Help Avoid Scary Scenarios

Physician Auditing and Compliance

Many practitioner audits fall short of best practices. The modern healthcare environment and complex goals for compliance require time, expertise, and attention to detail. Ideally, audits occur at regular intervals and identify incidents and patterns of potential billing and coding risk. There are also some surprising upsides of professional audits that include greater visibility of under-coding.

What are the benefits of auditing in a medical organization?

Key Benefits of Auditing

  1. Improve documentation/coding skills
  2. Provide focused education in-person, online, remotely, or in combination
  3. Ensure you are auditing the right practitioners and cases
  4. Find cases with the highest probability for over and under coding for practitioners using datamining tools
  5. Improve practitioners’ knowledge of E&M and documentation requirements

Avoid Scary Scenarios with Expert Auditing Help

Auditing is a daunting task, and every situation is unique, but with the right partners and tools in place you can gain visibility and understanding to increase collaboration and understanding among your team.

If you’re ready to feel more confident, please get in touch with our experts at Panacea Healthcare Solutions. Our innovative approach leverages our proprietary technology, predictive analytics, and the expertise of our auditing team to help you apply the right tools for your unique situation.

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