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Appropriate Use Criteria – Delayed but Not Gone

Catherine Short speaks with Melody Mulaik, President of Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies, a dynamic company that works with physician practices, healthcare systems, billing companies and other industry stakeholders to provide auditing, education and other collaborative consulting solutions to meet their coding and compliance needs. First Healthcare Compliance is a proud partner of Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies and our clients have enjoyed many webinars and previous podcasts by this team of experts. Melody joins us to address a current hot topic, “AUC – Delayed but not Gone.” 2022 was scheduled to be the official implementation date for AUC/CDS implementation but the 2022 Proposed Rule threw everyone a little curve ball. While a delay has occurred, it does not change the direction of the program or the need to prepare and test.  As providers continue to either prepare their own practices or bridge the gap with imaging facilities, it is important that everyone be on the same page throughout the CMS implementation and remaining testing period.

Top Challenges Healthcare Compliance

Be Aware of the Top Challenges of Healthcare Compliance

One of the most crucial, yet complex, aspects of the healthcare sector is ensuring compliance. Every organization and individual offering healthcare or healthcare-related services needs to be aware of the regulations and laws and follow compliant practices. This is the only way to stay protected and achieve long-term success in the sector.

Coding, Billing, Editing Webinar

1, 2, 3’s of Coding, Billing, & Auditing

Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, FAHRA, CRA, RCC, RCC-IR, CPC, CPC-H is the President of Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies LLC and our presenter. Every organization needs to ensure correct coding and billing practices to optimize appropriate reimbursement and adhere to payer and CMS guidelines. Whether the providers are responsible for coding or the organization employs coding professionals there are steps every organization should take to ensure correct processes. This session will break down the key areas of concern and provide realistic solutions to efficiently and effective validate current processes and identify areas of potential concern.