Compliance Program Effectiveness: Auditing and Monitoring

Infographic: Compliance Tips for Healthcare Board Members
The Cost of Workplace Violence Under OSHA

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Pam Joslin, MM, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CMCO, CEMA, CMCA-E/M of Innovative Healthcare Consulting, for an interactive discussion on “Compliance Program Effectiveness: Auditing and Monitoring.”

The OIG (Office of Inspector General) states, “One of the seven critical elements of a compliance program is ongoing auditing and monitoring.” The OIG has noted that organizations should incorporate independent reviews and compliance program effectiveness evaluations to identify compliance gaps and evince that the compliance program is effective.
This webinar will look at the distinct differences and also the relationship with the roles and responsibilities between the two functions to ensure that your organization is fully compliant.

Educational Objectives:
1. Define unique differences between “auditing” and “monitoring”
2. Review live case studies, risks, penalties for top 2018 violations.
3. Discover how “best practices” are implementing auditing and monitoring. (Who does what?)

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