Compliant Coding & Billing For TeleHealth During COVID-19

COVID-19 for Healthcare Workers
Healthcare Funding in the Time of COVID-19

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Sonal Patel, Health Care Coder and Compliance Consultant at Nexsen Pruet, for an interactive discussion on “Compliant Coding & Billing For TeleHealth During COVID-19.” This webinar is based on both the March 31, 2020 unpublished Interim Final Rule, as well as the Interim Final Rule officially published in Federal Register on April 6, 2020 to provide clarity, and to dispel confusion providers, practice managers, coding and billing personnel have encountered over the past few weeks since CMS has relaxed the previous, and pre-COVID-19 rules and regulations for TeleHealth services.


1. Understand how to compliantly document, code, and bill for TeleHealth services during the public health emergency (PHE)
2. Understand CMS and OIG relaxations and waivers during this PHE
3. Understand types of services involved in TeleHealth and telemedicine

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