Catherine Short, Partnership Marketing Specialist at First Healthcare Compliance, hosts Tae Seangpeoam, Founder of Neztec Solutions Inc., a company that enables corporations to meet regulatory compliance and delivery of corporate messaging by delivering real-time, visual communications in the area of safety and compliance, for an interactive discussion on “Emergency Crisis Defense.”
In this podcast, Tae Seangpeoam, lead engineer of EZpass and 9/11 disaster recovery, will speak about the importance of having a more proactive emergency evacuation plan, especially in large public spaces such as hospitals, high-rise buildings, and complex facilities. With his experience, Tae now runs an advanced compliance communications company to minimize exposure in the 21st Century workplace.
1. Why most existing communications at the workplace are failing.
2. Why it is important to have a more proactive emergency evacuation plan in place.
3. How to prepare your workplace to be ready for uncertain situations.