An interview with Matt Georgov, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Choice MedWaste.

What do you enjoy most about working with your clients?

Our primary goal is to educate our clients on their medical waste disposal. A lot of the healthcare community does not understand nor feel the need to understand their medical waste logistics, invoices, and services. We enjoy answering customer questions on how they should handle waste and ways they can save money. There is no better feeling than providing comfort and savings to our customers.

How does medical waste fit in with a compliance training company?

The pair go hand in hand really. All of our customers are in the healthcare sector and must be compliant with so many regulations. First Healthcare Compliance is going to be an added service for our customers who wish to find a complete and user friendly solution to staying compliant. The primary goal for both our businesses is to keep our customers safe and reduce risk. We want to provide the best and safest solutions to our clients concerns and this partnership resolves that.

What is the major difference between Choice MedWaste and other medical waste companies?

It is the little things that always add up to make the biggest difference. Besides price, we like to think our service is the main benefit of switching to us. We do not charge for pickups where there is no waste. Our drivers will tape up, seal, label and prepare another medical waste box for you at each pickup. If you need a pickup outside of your scheduled services, there is no additional charge during business hours. Our goal is to show you the brighter side of medical waste. If you are not in our service area, we can refer you to a trusted company within our network.

What are healthcare providers most shocked about when you speak to them about their medical waste?

The most common and jaw-dropping topic is price. I would say about half the people we speak to have a decent contract and the other half are being overcharged with lack of quality service. Some of the worst contracts are about 15 times what we would charge. This is where educating the client really helps. The goal is for them to ask their current hauler the right questions in order to receive a fair contract. Although in the end, we would always like us to show them firsthand how much easier and cheaper medical waste can be.

Choice MedWaste offers:

  • Specialized program designed for basic compliance needs
  • Preferred vendor prices
  • Unlimited boxes and pickups
  • No long term contracts
  • No additional fees (fuel, energy, environmental, etc.)
  • Local customer service with someone always answering the phone
  • Free waste consulting nationwide