First Healthcare Compliance Podcast- DoctorsManagement

An interview with Valora Gurganious, Partner and Senior Management Consultant at DoctorsManagement, LLC.

What is DoctorsManagement and what do you offer?

DoctorsManagement, LLC (DM) is a leading provider of business solution services to a wide variety of organizations including leading academic institutions, integrated delivery health systems, physician owned and managed groups, and more than 30 law firms that represent these various organizations. Our firm is an independent provider of healthcare financial, regulatory compliance and operational management consulting services assisting clients to effectively address the complex challenges they face. DM ensures that our clients deliver superior customer and market performance through integrated strategic, operational, and organizational change.

DoctorsManagement has been in business since 1956 and under the same president (Paul L. King) since 1987, and we believe our name says it all. We are focused on empowering healthcare providers through our business of medicine services.  

While competing firms may have divisions or departments dedicated to other industries, we are an organization with a sole focus on healthcare.  


What do you see as the biggest need in the healthcare industry?

Today more than ever, providers need a trusted advisor to help them to navigate these uncertain times.  In the US, providers and insurance companies are dealing with political upheaval and volatility associated with the debates over the Accountable Care Act and the Better Care Reconciliation Act.  

While this debate continues, the practice must remain current, compliant and efficient to respond to shrinking reimbursements, pay-for-performance payment models, stricter compliance regulations and narrower margins.  A management consultant can help the practice to position itself to be lean and agile, while optimizing its financial and quality performance.

Medical practices are small businesses, and despite their mission to deliver superior healthcare, each provider typically produces over a million dollars of annual revenue, they control one-quarter to one-half million dollar payrolls, and treat thousands of patients each year.  Like it or not, they must run their practice as a business if they hope to stay in business. Our firm’s mission is to help physicians thrive within the business of medicine.


What is your favorite part about working in the healthcare industry?

My favorite part of working with DoctorsManagement is its people.  DoctorsManagement continues to lead the healthcare industry with over 80 professionals equipped with the skills and expertise specifically designed to address the full range of business issues related to healthcare. DM professionals are MBAs, JDs, CPAs, Analysts, Compliance Specialists and Auditors, and each adheres to the highest standards of ethics and apply technical knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their goals. These goals include increasing profits, enhancing patient satisfaction, increasing employee morale, and reducing the stress of doctors and administrators.

Our company is strategically organized into eight (8) business segments, all of which specifically address the needs of the physician-owner.  These include Practice Management, Regulatory Compliance, Financial/Accounting, Human Resources, OSHA/HIPAA/CLIA, Credentialing, Data Analytics, and “Power Buying” (our in-house GPO).

Our professionals not only offer analysis and advice to our clients, we work with our clients to IMPLEMENT those process improvement strategies and ADJUST those plans, as necessary, in response to changing circumstances. DoctorsManagement’s motto says it all: “leave the “business of medicine” to us”.  We are committed to our client’s success in this constantly changing healthcare environment.