An Interview with Karen Graver Toohey, founder of the Graver Toohey Group.

What Is The Graver Toohey Group and What Do You Offer? 

My background is in healthcare internal auditing, as well as public accounting. The goal of The Graver Toohey Group is to provide healthcare compliance and internal audit services to clients, whether they are hospitals or physician practices. My passion and desire is to work in healthcare compliance.

What is great about working with us, is that The Graver Toohey Group is flexible, whether you are looking for someone to create one or a few new compliance related policies, auditing compliance with those policies, or helping you create an entire compliance program, we are here to meet your needs.

In my opinion, healthcare compliance is all about implementing the seven (7) elements of an effective compliance program. If you are not familiar with what those 7 elements are, you can go to my website where each one is explained in greater detail.  More importantly, the website outlines how The Graver Toohey Group can help you implement each element of the compliance program.  Often, when implementing a program, there is a need for someone with a specific expertise.  For example, the OIG has been spending time reviewing providers’ use of electronic health records.  They have concerns that providers may be cloning or cutting and pasting health record information from one visit to another, or from one patient to another.  The industry is also focusing on how providers are using social media to communicate patient information.  Are providers taking appropriate measures to protect health information?  If you are concerned about these specific risks or others, I have a great network of experts, that can help you address those specific needs, if we are unable to support you.

I have recently joint ventured with Victor Prospero of Prospero Consulting. Prospero Consulting has been in business for over 20 years, and offers a variety of accounting services where their primary focus is on providing interim CFO and Controller services; performing special accounting work; and helping clients implement new information systems to name a few.  Prospero Consulting provides a great complement to the services offered by The Graver Toohey Group, and I am excited about the partnership that we have created. I believe there are many hospitals and physician practices that can benefit from services offered by both companies.  How many service providers do you know that can serve your accounting, auditing and compliance needs?  This is clearly a unique relationship, and the value of integrating services offerings by well-seasoned professionals such as Victor and myself will become clear to those who choose to use our services.

What Do You See as The Greatest Need in The Healthcare Industry?

I think one of the greatest needs we have in the healthcare industry is to develop more service providers that are focused on providing reasonably priced compliance services to clients. Due to the continued growth and complexity of healthcare regulations, this is not an easy task.  Certainly, First Healthcare Compliance has been very successful in accomplishing it.  The Graver Toohey is committed to doing the same.

Additionally, there is a growing need for continued education of the regulatory changes that impact compliance.  These changes can lead to many in the industry, including physician practices, feeling overwhelmed. I think there is a need for service providers to provide structured periodic training sessions so that healthcare providers are not left wondering whether they have received the appropriate education through the myriad of sources of information coming their way.   Along with this education, service providers can support clients develop a roadmap to ensure compliance with regulations within appropriate timeframes.  This a service that The Graver Toohey Group can certainly provide to clients.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working with Healthcare Organizations?

My favorite part about working with healthcare organizations is that I know that when clients engage us, they have an inherent interest in compliance, and “doing the right thing” for the benefit of not only the owners and the providers in the organization, but ultimately their patients.

I also enjoy the passion shown by the administrative staff in meeting the compliance needs of the practices and their patients.  They are often at the heart of a well- run organization.  I enjoy being able to give staff the credit they deserve in supporting their organization’s compliance needs.