First Healthcare Compliance Podcast- Identillect Technologies

First Healthcare Compliance Podcast- Choice MedWaste

An Interview with Todd Sexton, President and CEO of Identillect Technologies.

What does Identillect do to assist health care professionals to remain HIPAA compliant?

Identillect knows there is a tremendous amount of ambiguity in understanding the regulations for protecting information in transit. With the HIPAA audits in full effect there are many items a covered entity must comply with to prevent audit violations. Identillect prides itself on providing a solution which meets and exceeds all HIPAA standards to ensure strict adherence to the regulation. Identillect’s compliance department continually reviews regulatory changes in order to maximize compliance.

Identillect provides a BAA (business associate agreement) for proof of compliance along with multiple white papers detailing Identillect’s compliance in every area.

What makes Identillect different from other secure email providers?

Identillect built its solution from the ground up to be HIPAA compliant. Our core focus has always been to make communication simple, secure, and provide our customers with complete control over their communications.

Simplicity: Identillect has designed the simplest solution on the market for both the sender and the receiver. The recipient of the email never has to download software or become a member, they can open the secure contents of the email and securely reply without any additional steps.

Secure: complete end-to-end encryption of the email body and all attachments. Identillect secures all the message contents at AES 256 which is twice the required standard. This ensures even if the regulation expands, Identillect will be able to meet any new requirements.

Control: Identillect provides maximum control over your communications. This allows the sender to prevent forwarding and printing, receive a complete audit on all actions taken and even retract an email after it has been read. Additionally, from an administrative standpoint you many enforce all use policies to your employees with virtually no technical skill.

We have made it ultra-simple for your convenience.

Why should a business choose Identillect Technologies for their email security?

Identillect is the simplest most user friendly solution on the market today, as evident by our user ratings on review sites such as CrowdReviews, where we are ranked #1 across five different security categories. We place you in complete control of your communications while making sure you can adhere to the latest compliance standards.

Identillect has:

  • Patented technology
  • PhD cryptographers leading our development team
  • The most user friendly system on the market
  • A compliance department which ensures up-to-date information on all regulations
  • Administrative controls which ensure adherence to company protocols

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