Hello, this is Catherine Short with First Healthcare Compliance. I’m here with Karen Blanchette, PAHCOM Association Director, at the 29th Annual PAHCOM conference.

Hi Catherine! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. The conference is phenomenal, as you’ve seen first hand.

It is wonderful here at Clearwater Beach! The weather has been just beautiful. Why don’t you tell us more about “Leader of the Pack” and the wonderful conference that we are having here?

Our conference services medical office managers and administrators from across the country- all different specialties. We gather here every year, lately here in Clearwater Beach. And today we are at the beautiful Wyndham Grand Hotel. It’s a brand new facility and we’re so so thrilled to be here. The best part is that all of these managers get together to share knowledge. Our “Leader of the Pack” theme identifies how each of these managers has to really take control over their career and their practice. And to make sure that they are bringing the best of medical practice management to their towns when they leave the conference and go back to serve their doctors and their patients.

We really appreciate this conference! Can you tell us more about the PAHCOM certification process and why they would want to be certified?

Certification helps to identify that they are knowledgeable. And PAHCOM, whether you are certified or not, is a fabulous resource. It puts together all of these managers- we get to share knowledge. That’s what PAHCOM is founded on. For 29 years, we’ve been sharing knowledge. We bring managers together so that we can help managers be successful in their practices. But certification helps to identify those who really do have the knowledge that they need to be successful in the practice. There are so many facets- nine domains actual- of practice management that are important to be successful. Everything from revenue management to human resources and compliance. And all of these areas are critical to a successful practice. And the certified medical manager credential helps to articulate those people who carry that credential and are actually knowledgeable in those areas. Some people interview well, but they don’t actually know what they’re doing. And how do physicians, how do fellow managers know, how do you know? One of the things that we find are the managers who have been doing this job for thirty years know so much. And they may not have a formal college education or maybe they do have some college, but maybe not a degree. But their knowledge of practice management is exemplary. And the certification helps to identify those people. Because they are really bringing value to the practice. They are bringing money in the door,  making sure that the practice is protected legally, they are making sure that the patients are getting the best service possible. All of these things are really really critical to a successful practice and we help to identify who those people are. And if you’re not one of those people- that’s okay. PAHCOM gives you the resources that you need in order to become somebody that can be certified. So either you have the knowledge and it’s time to identify that you do, or you work with us and we help to mentor you and get you the information you need, access to resources, education, and training. Some of which First Healthcare Compliance offers! And we are able to turn out very experienced and very well educated practice managers. We’re building the industry.

We certainly value the association and partnership that we have together with PAHCOM. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.

We really appreciate you being here because support from groups like First Healthcare Compliance helped to bring the whole complete picture together. If we didn’t have experts like yourselves out there offering the training and education like you do, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off. It’s such a multifaceted plan with the practice managers, the educators, the speakers, and the exhibitors. And First Healthcare Compliance actually offers two of those problems, because you offer the education and training as well as the services and solutions. I feel very fortunate, as do a lot of our members, to be associated with PAHCOM and all the people who bring it together like yourselves. So thank you.

And thank you so much Karen. I hope you have a great rest of the conference here!