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Today we have a very special guest joining us! Regina Miller is our Client Services Team Lead here at First Healthcare Compliance.

Regina, can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself and your role here?

Sure. I have been in the healthcare arena in various leadership roles for over thirty-three years. And the majority of that has been in the client experience roles and responsibilities. Here at First Healthcare Compliance, I am the team leader of an awesome Client Services Division. Each member of my team is dedicated and committed to our clients and to doing all that needs to be done to ensure they have a successful experience when they contact us.

As part of that, what is your favorite part about working with our clients?

That’s pretty easy! We have a great, comprehensive healthcare compliance solution. It’s affordable, it’s scalable, and it’s applicable to the various healthcare segments. So what I really enjoy most is working with such a diverse client base. One moment I can be talking to a physician’s practice that has ten employees, and the next moment I can be talking to a healthcare system that has thousands. So there’s a lot of diversity in the scale of the practices and the organizations that we speak with. But there’s also a uniqueness to how applicable our program is to the various healthcare segments. I can be talking to a billing practice or a medical waste provider, as well as a skilled nursing facility. There’s a vast range to the areas of the healthcare market where our solution is applicable.

Definitely. I think one of the great parts about that too, is the personal connection our team is able to end up creating with our clients. Our team is working with each person to help develop their compliance program and utilize the tools we provide. You spend so much time working with our clients that they really do become friends as well as clients.

That absolutely is true. We certainly work to build relationships and friendships with our clients- as well as partnerships. We want them to see us as a partner in their compliance success.

In your role as the Team Leader for our Client Services department, I know you have a lot of vision about how to develop the team as we move forward. What are some of the ideas that you have in mind to help our clients even more?

I think that Client Services and the services we provide is a differentiator. We are looking at ways that we can be more proactive in our solutions for the clients. We want to think about what you need before you need it. That’s a big part of my vision. Secondly, I want every experience, whether you are a small practice or a large healthcare network, to be a great experience. You won’t get one experience if you are a small practice and another if you are a large healthcare network. The overall experience should be one of excellence. You can count on us no matter how small the question or how large the problem and solution is. Thirdly, at every touch point we have with each client, we want to provide what they need, when they need, and how they need it. We aren’t just hitting them with what they need without consideration for how they need it. I want to make sure we are comprehensive in how we deliver our solutions and our assistance to our clients.

You guys have really done a great job with that already, so I’m excited to see what more you are able to do to improve our client experience in the future as well. Was there anything else you wanted to share with our listeners?

I just want to let them know what a great Client Services team we have. They are always available and accessible and will work tirelessly to make sure that your solutions and needs are met at every encounter.

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