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An interview with Mike Reckner, Partner at The Weiner Benefits Group.

Could you share the story of Weiner Benefits with us?

Weiner Benefits Group’s roots go back to 1938 when George Weiner first began in the insurance industry.  As his practice grew and expanded he brought on three other already successful agents; Terry Wolf, Xavier DeCaire and Don Fulton who eventually took over the practice. These three partners expanded what was originally a personal insurance and financial planning practice into an employee benefits practice.  They recognized that in order to provide the necessary level of expertise required in the world of benefits while still maintaining their personal planning practice, they needed to bring on dedicated employee benefits specialists.  In 1997, Louis Memmolo and I were hired.  We were later joined by another benefits specialists Debbie Shears and we became The Weiner Benefits Group.

What size organizations do you work with?

Our current clients range from one person to our largest group of 800 employees.  The majority of our groups are between ten and 100 employees.  We find employers in this market sector especially benefit from our support.  We’re able to take a good portion of work off of the clients who may not be big enough to justify a dedicated benefits person but the workload associated with the benefits is still substantial.

What sets Weiner Benefits apart from similar companies?

Our history.  The firm was founded on the principles of individual planning and life insurance where each client’s solution is personalized.  We don’t force clients to fit into a rigid system but instead adapt our offerings to meet individual, specific needs.  We use our cutting edge technology as an enhancement to our high touch service instead of a replacement.  Rather than “do it yourself” we believe in doing it your way.  If you prefer phone calls, paper forms and face-to-face meetings we can do that.  If you’d rather be paperless, conduct go-to web meetings and use an internet-based benefit portal we can do that too or any combination in between.

How can people reach your company?

We can be reached through our website or by phone at 302 658-0218.  Also, if you mention 1HCC, we will can set you up with our My Wave Connect Service at no cost.  My  Wave Connect is our resource center that keeps clients up to date with all the latest Affordable Care Act changes and how they impact employers.  Additionally, you can personalize your communication.  There is a monthly wellness information campaign available that can easily be implemented with employees and is a great way to introduce an ongoing wellness plan.

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