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Healthcare compliance management covers a broad range of topics including HIPAA, OSHA, enforcement of regulations related to fraud, waste and abuse and employment laws.  It’s likely that you encounter at least some of these common areas of confusion if you are a healthcare executive. Please take a few minutes to test your knowledge with our pop quiz and provide your feedback and further questions.  Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

Can physicians offer cash discounts?

Concierge practices that accept only cash and typically require a retainer may be exempt from limitations. However, offering discounts for cash payments may violate any contract between a payer and provider since it impacts the payer’s negotiated rates. Therefore, physicians should determine if there are any contractual limits to offering such discounts. State laws may also place restrictions on providing discounts. In any event, if a physician provides any type of discounts, they should have a written policy in place that is followed uniformly.

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