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The ONLY comprehensive solution for all your healthcare compliance needs.

A single‐source solution: Many alternatives exist to address one or limited components of a compliance program. The First Healthcare Compliance solution is unique, addressing all your compliance program needs in one place.

Favorable pricing: The First Healthcare Compliance solution is offered at pricing comparable to, and in many cases, favorable to other offerings that are limited in addressing your compliance program needs.

1st Healthcare ComplianceCompany ACompany BCompany CCompany DCompany ECompany F
Focus & ExpertiseCompliance needs of Physicians & HCPs in private practice, Hospital Networks & Health SystemsHIPAA/ HITECH or Medical, Business Associates, Other businessesTraining. Dental, Medical, Funeral HomesTrainingHotline SupportRisk AnalysisScreening
Education & Training
New Employee Orientationxx
Ongoing Trainingxx
Sample Document Library
Code of Conductx
Policies & Proceduresx
Business Associate Agreementsx
Risk Analysis & UpdatesLimited to software for risk analysisProvides online tools for risk analysis
Fraud & Abusex
HIPAA Privacy & Securityx
Other Resources & Tools
Anonymous hotline (24/7)to prevent whistleblowersxx
Automatic monthly check of OIG’s LEIE for employeesxx
Automatic monthly check of OIG’s LEIE for all vendorsxx
Tools for Internal Auditing of Medical Recordsx
Employee detail page to ensure consistencyx
Vendor management zonex
Automated weekly reminders on all aspects of compliance programx
Live Toll-free Support Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm ESTx