HIPAA: A Timely Overview & Update

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Multiple Learning Credits Available for Attendees of Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit November 12, 2020

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Grant Elliott, President and CEO of Ostendio, for an interactive discussion on “HIPAA: A Timely Overview & Update.” This webinar will cover in-depth all aspects of HIPAA and why it is relevant today. Starting with the history of HIPAA and how it came about we will move on to discuss the core elements of HIPAA and why they are important. The presentation will discuss the intent of HIPAA and what it means to businesses. We will discuss other common security regulations and how they compare to, or differ from, HIPAA. The presentation will close with recommendations for organizations who need to adhere to HIPAA requirements.

1. Provide history of HIPAA
2. Teach core elements and intent of HIPAA
3. Explain security compliance and how to approach it.

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