How Workplace Communication Mitigates Harassment

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First Healthcare Compliance hosts Warren Cook, President and Co-Founder of SymbianceHR, for an interactive discussion on “How Workplace Communication Mitigates Harassment.” This webinar explores the various communication strategies and practices necessary to develop a culture that inherently minimizes harassing behavior in the workplace.

Specifically examined are various communication techniques and activities that lead to engagement and empowerment while simultaneously creating an inclusive environment that builds trust and respect.

Business leaders will gain insight into what works and how to maximize current efforts, including why it’s important to launch new initiatives to mitigate harassment while improving overall organizational success.

1. Review various communication mediums and strategies that lead to enhanced engagement, trust and respect in the workplace
2. Understand the risks and liabilities associated with poor communication practices creating an environment capable of sustaining harassment and learn new strategies to enhance their workplace culture
3. Attendees will learn practical tips, strategies and practices necessary to achieve an inclusive work environment that limits risk and liability while empowering the workforce for continued success

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