First Healthcare Compliance hosts Catherine Walters, Esq., partner at Bybel Rutledge LLP and Chair of the firm’s Employment/Labor Law Group, for an interactive discussion on “Navigating the Background Check & FCRA Compliance Minefield.”

Many employers perform pre-employment background checks, whether required by law, business needs or both. As employer needs expand, compliance requirements escalate, becoming more and more complex as new statutes are passed. Now, even a minor error can result in major liability for an employer. This program will provide employers with information, tools and tips on compliance with background check laws, including criminal background checks, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, state credit check laws, “Ban-the-Box” laws and similar prohibitions.

Educational Objectives:

1. To familiarize attendees with relevant background check laws, including examples of federal, state and local laws impacting on background check compliance.
2. To provide tools and tips for compliance
3. To suggest/provide resources for further self-study