Part 2: The Sky’s The Limit – How Price Transparency Can Empower Healthcare Providers

Previously on First Talk Compliance, we spoke with Kevin Chmura, CEO of Panacea Healthcare Solutions, about how the advent of price transparency has caused the business of healthcare to evolve and opened up fresh possibilities for healthcare providers to gain a competitive advantage.

In this episode, we continue that conversation by inviting on two additional experts from Panacea—Govind Goyal, President of Financial Services, and Henry Gutierrez, Senior Vice President, Financial Consulting Services—to dive deeper into the recent changes to price transparency requirements and expand upon the many ways healthcare providers can adapt to succeed in this new consumer-driven arena. From navigating compliance regulations to leveraging data for a competitive advantage, tune into Part 2 of “The Sky’s the Limit – How Price Transparency Can Empower Healthcare Providers” to gain insight into the evolving landscape of price transparency and what lies ahead.