Social Media Resources for Compliance Officers and Healthcare Professionals: 21 Favorites

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Social media can be overwhelming and confusing.  Who has time to keep up with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Lots of people!  However, compliance officers and healthcare professionals facing time constraints tend to look elsewhere for credible information. A common refrain is that social media steals time and disperses incorrect information. There’s also conflicting advice about networking through social media. Should you connect with everyone?  Should you be selective and vet your connections?  In healthcare, there are additional risks related to social media due to HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Our white paper Social Media & Mobile Technology in the Healthcare Setting addresses these concerns.

Some compliance experts are active contributors on social media. In fact, in her latest book, How To Have a Wildly Successful Career in Compliance, Kristy Grant-Hart states, “the benefits of participating in social media are enormous, and skipping out on the opportunity to show your knowledge and participate in the conversation doesn’t make sense.” Increased focus and a few helpful tips will enable you to follow, friend, and tweet your way to reliable healthcare compliance news and information.

Catherine Short, Partnership Marketing Specialist at First Healthcare Compliance shares that she finds great information from credible sources on all types of social media.  In fact, she finds social media to be one of her favorite ways to meet new partners and content contributors.  Some of Catherine’s favorite social media resources are listed below.

First Healthcare Compliance LinkedIn LinkedIn:

Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) offers over 50 training events a year, certification opportunities, and publications committed to improving the quality and recognition of the healthcare compliance industry.

Practice Management Institute® (PMI) teaches physicians and their staffs how to properly navigate complex health care issues and secure every dollar rightfully due.

Matt Kelly, Founder of Radical Compliance, which provides consulting and commentary on corporate compliance, audit, governance, and risk management. Radical Compliance also serves at the personal blog for Matt Kelly, the long-time (and now former) editor of Compliance Week.

SPHER is the front line defense against the day-to-day threat of patient privacy violations (PHI data breaches) resulting from inappropriate access.

Carol Flagg is a Managing Partner of Answers Media Network where she leads the company’s marketing, sales, and social media initiatives. She has over 25 years experience in traditional and digital media. She also hosts What’s My Tagline? which airs on HealthcareNOW Radio.

First Healthcare Compliance Twitter Twitter:

@HLSHFC – The Healthcare Fraud & Compliance Interest Group of the American Bar Association Health Law Section.

@HLSHLRM – The Healthcare Litigation & Risk Management Interest Group of the American Bar Association Health Law Section.

@KristyGrantHart – Kristy Grant-Hart, Expert in designing effective international compliance programs. CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting. Author and Speaker

@davidschull – David Schull, President of Russo Partners, a communications firm that works with innovators in health and technology

@Ostendio – Ostendio’s #MyVCM is a #cybersecurity and information management platform. With MyVCM, companies can ensure they’re secure and #compliant.

@HCNowRadio – HealthcareNOWradio, Internet Radio Station focused on #HealthIT, Health Information Exchange #HIE, Healthcare, #EHR Adoption, #HCNowRadio

@HealthLaw360 – Health Law360 covers breaking legal, regulatory, and deal news affecting the health care services sector.

@Health_Law_Firm – Kennedy, Attorneys & Counselors at Law-boutique heath law firm in Dallas, TX. Tweets are informational, not legal advice. #healthcare #healthlaw

@SeanMcKennaLaw – Founder Law Office of Sean McKenna, PLLC, focus is #healthcare and #whitecollar matters. Co-Chair, @abahealthlaw Membership. Not legal advice/advertising.

First Healthcare Compliance Instagram Instagram:

@precheckinc – PreCheck, Inc.

@zdoggmd – ZDoggMD

@medicalreceptionistnetwork –  Medical Receptionist Network

@compliancenetwork – Compliance Network

First Healthcare Compliance Facebook Facebook:

Health Care Practice Management has the revenue cycle management, office management, and credentialing experience to help clients accomplish their business objectives.

The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) was established in January 1988 to provide a support network to the managers of small group and solo provider health care practices.

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) helps create successful medical practices that deliver the highest-quality patient care.

At First Healthcare Compliance, we take pride in sharing quality content developed by subject matter experts. We regularly provide easily digestible information on important topics that have practical application for your compliance program. Whether you prefer twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, we welcome the opportunity to engage. Please take a minute to follow us or message us with training requests or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

First Healthcare Compliance Instagram First Healthcare Compliance YouTube First Healthcare Compliance Facebook First Healthcare Compliance LinkedInFirst Healthcare Compliance Twitter First Healthcare Compliance Google+

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