The Legal Risks Behind Valuable Health Data Sharing

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The Legal Risks Behind Valuable Health Data Sharing

Iliana Peters Iliana L. Peters, Shareholder at Polsinelli PC will lead the complementary webinar, “Health Data, A Value Proposition: Legal Risks with Innovative Data Sharing Projects” on December 13, 2022 at 1 pm ET. Watch as Iliana discusses:

  • the scope and breadth of data sharing projects in development in the health care sector
  • contractual, state, federal, and international legal obligations for data privacy and security for such projects
  • issues related to data ownership that may also be part of such projects

These days, data is more valuable than oil. And health data is the most valuable of all data! Companies of all types should consider the legal risk with data valuation, data ownership, and data sharing agreements. Data sharing projects take many forms and address many important issues, including improvements in patient safety, fraud and abuse, population health, research, and costs to the health care system. That said, the contractual, state, federal, and international regulatory requirements applicable to such data sharing projects are significant.

Health care entities may be particularly vulnerable to legal risk related to data sharing projects involving health data. Specifically, health care entities should consider contractual obligation, HIPAA, state privacy laws, and other requirements, as well as discuss risk assessment, data sharing agreements, key provisions, and business associate relationships. The presentation offers best practices for these important issues and projects. Sign up for Iliana’s complimentary webinar here and earn valuable CEUs!

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