False Claims Act Liability And Whistleblower Laws

Join First Healthcare Compliance and Shauna Itri, Esq of Berger & Montague for a discussion of False Claims Act Liability And Whistleblower Laws in the healthcare setting. A whistleblower or qui tam action can provide financial rewards to individuals who provide information that a company or individual has defrauded the government. The primary statutes under which this relief may be sought are the federal and state False Claims Acts (“FCAs”). State and federal governments pay hundreds of billions of dollars each year for pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, hospital care, and nursing home care through Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs. Thus, the False Claims Acts are often applied in the health care industry to fight fraud, . Whistleblowers who report this fraud receive 15-25% of the amount recovered.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize how the False Claims Act (or Whistleblower Laws) are used as fraud enforcement tools by incentivizing whistleblowers with rewards.
  2. Discuss prosecutorial trends and examine recent cases brought under the False Claims Act.
  3. Detect fraud and understand reporting mechanisms to protect yourself and your company.