Making Your Referral Sources Legal

Markus Cicka, Esq., owner of the Law Office of Markus P. Cicka, LLC  will be presenting this informative webinar. Marketing and referral sources are the catalysts of a successful healthcare business. Making sure your marketing activities and referral sources are compliant with federal and state laws is complex but ultimately rewarding. In this presentation, we will discuss the various federal and state laws impacting your marketing and referral source activities, as well as discuss the application of federal and state law to specific provider types.


1. Provide an overview of federal and state law impacting marketing activities and referral sources.

2. Discuss the application of federal and state laws to various providers and scenarios, including the use of marketing companies, entering into medical directorships and signing rental/leasing agreements with referral sources.

3. Discuss EKRA and its impact on marketing for clinical laboratories.