Risk Management of Employment Practices

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Warren S. Cook, Co-Founder, President & CEO of SymbianceHR, for an interactive discussion on “Risk Management of Employment Practices.” He will educate and inform your management and supervisors on best practices and strategies to minimize risk and liability in your employment practices. This interactive webinar will engage your people leaders to promote a more holistic perspective in how they carry out their duties and responsibilities in your business. The entire employee life cycle and the employment risks at each stage will be discussed, including how to improve your human resource management of the workforce and equip your managers and supervisor with the knowledge they need to be successful people leaders.

Educational Objectives:

1. Attendees will have a clear understanding of the regulatory landscape that impacts their employment practices.
2. Attendees will learn practical strategies to embed risk management into the full employee life cycle.
3. Attendees will learn the risks inherent in the talent acquisition, performance management, separation and other personnel activities performed by their organization