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General Compliance

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4 Common Compliance Myths Debunked

Compliance in healthcare is comprised of complex laws and regulations.  This complexity often leads to confusion.  It’s not surprising that a few common myths exist.  If you’re responsible for compliance and would like to separate fact from fiction, keep reading.   Myth #1:  We’re a small organization and there’s no way we can be expected

Prepare Your Staff to Meet an Auditor or Investigator

When a healthcare entity is the target of a government investigation or audit, it is the Compliance Officer who is responsible for leading the response to, and coordinating and tracking all steps and details of the challenging and unnerving process.  In responding appropriately to such government requests or contacts, it is important to not only

Define Your Relationship- Vendor or Business Associate?

Healthcare organizations have many relationships to manage, including patients, providers, payers, and vendors.  On top of this, some relationships require a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to comply with HIPAA. In order to determine if such an agreement is necessary, it is crucial to look at each relationship individually in order to provide proper treatment and

Deadlines Regarding Healthcare Regulations

Just as important as the timely renewal of licenses, awareness of all deadlines required by covered entities and business associates is necessary to avoid potential violations and subsequent penalties.   The HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule shortened the time requirement to meet a few of these deadlines that require a specific action be taken by the covered

Coding Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic for a lot of people. Particularly parents, who scour the internet, question the pediatrician, and talk with friends and family about the right path to take for their family.  Whatever that decision happens to be, it is important that it is documented. Not only is it important to be vigilant to