3 Great Sources for Healthcare Compliance Training and Education

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Compliance officers know the importance of developing and offering healthcare compliance and training education for their staff. Regular training reduces risk and reinforces the importance of the overall compliance program. However, with the rapid influx of healthcare compliance changes, there is always an abundant supply of new information. How should a compliance officer stay informed and choose the best training for employees?

Fortunately, options that appeal to all types of learners are available. Online and web-based modules and podcasts are offered by several credible sources. Old-fashioned books in hard copy or via Kindle are a great choice for solitary learners or those who prefer a book club. For the most social learners, top-notch conferences and symposiums take place all over the United States at various times of year.

If you are considering updating your approach to healthcare compliance training and education, take a look at these opportunities:


Compliance Training On Demand

Training on demand from the comfort of the office or home is a convenient option without the need to sacrifice quality.  

  • The American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) offers distance learning in the form of webinars and roundtable discussions.
  • The Healthcare Compliance Association (HCCA) shares convenient and interesting web conference recordings.
  • The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) provides on demand modules on timely topics that focus on healthcare IT.
  • Healthcare NOW Radio offers a great option for those who prefer to listen on the go. Listen on any device 24/7 for interviews, commentary, discussions and speeches from industry leaders in healthcare and health information technology.
  • First Healthcare Compliance provides on-demand modules, podcasts and free webinars.


Publications for Compliance Professionals


Books on nearly every healthcare compliance and training education topic, from entry level basics to more advanced and detailed, are available as resources. Below are a few noteworthy suggestions.

  • Several publications for compliance professionals are available through HCCA, including the reliable and comprehensive guide.
  • The AHLA and Lexis Nexis bookstore provides diverse options for an attorney or more experienced compliance officer.
  • A relatively new guidebook to cover basics is by First Healthcare Compliance and aptly titled The Fundamentals Guidebook.


Compliance Conferences


There’s no better way to learn than by listening to a talented presenter and networking with peers.

Some conferences are specific to a geographic region or state and others apply to only specific specialties or compliance roles.  Many are large national conferences. It’s challenging to narrow the list to a reasonable number.


There are a host of alternatives and options to help you re-energize your approach to healthcare compliance training and education! Feeling overwhelmed? Visit our website and let us help you find your solution.

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