Founded in 2012 in Wilmington, DE by Julie Sheppard, First Healthcare Compliance was created to address the void of healthcare compliance resources available to help physicians and other healthcare providers in private practice, hospital networks and health systems, healthcare billing companies, and skilled nursing facilities comply with federal rules and regulations.

Professionally as a nurse and an attorney, coupled with her personal perspective as a physician’s spouse, Julie Sheppard identified a widening gap between the expectations of government and the reality of healthcare compliance. Witnessing firsthand the increasing demands of complying with federal rules and regulations, her concern escalated.

First Healthcare Compliance launched its comprehensive healthcare compliance program management solution in January 2013.  The company serves hundreds of healthcare providers around the United States as a resource for healthcare compliance management and virtual employee training.  In August 2022 First Healthcare Compliance became a division of Panacea Healthcare Solutions, LLC to continue to expand its offerings.