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The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing an Aging Physician Policy

Catherine Short speaks with Dr. Mary Hoppa, MD, MBA, senior consultant with The Greeley Company which provides solutions through consulting, education, interim staffing, credentialing management, and external peer review to healthcare organizations nationwide, about “The Do’s and Don'ts of Designing an Aging Physician Policy.” We will discuss how to identify and address competency issues among senior physicians and best practices to prevent potential safety incidents that could have long-term consequences for both patients and practitioner. We will also learn how to recognize age related impairments that affect a healthcare professional’s ability to safely administer care, look at how to design a fair aging policy to protect both practitioners and patients, as well as focusing in on how to address competency issues and when privileging needs to be reassessed or revoked.

Whistleblower Hotlines, Retaliation, and Building a Speak-Up Culture

Catherine Short talks with Matt Kelly, CEO of Radical Compliance, about “Whistleblower Hotlines, Retaliation, and Building a Speak-Up Culture.” We will discuss the current state of whistleblower hotline law, specifically anti-retaliation; and how a compliance officer can use a whistleblower hotline more productively to support a stronger speak-up culture across the board. We will also