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Q&A: MIPS Reporting – The Importance of Selecting the Right Reporting Methodology

Sarah Reiter, MIPS expert, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships with Health eFilings presented the webinar “How to Manage the Challenges of MIPS Reporting” recently and a recording can now be found on our YouTube Channel. Sarah returned with this helpful blog on the importance of the correct reporting methodology as the year comes to a

Are you trying to prevent medical identity theft?

Medical identity theft continues to be major problem in the US with approximately 2.32 million adults or close family members falling victim in 2014. According to the Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft by the Ponemon Institute, medical identity theft is on the rise with a 21.7% increase since last year.      

Protecting Your Practice is Smart Business

Doctors playing defense The government cites defensive medicine as a factor in the escalation of health care costs. However, a recent study indicates that 73% of physicians engage in some form of defensive medicine. The payers’ perception of defensive medicine is negative, but the providers’ view it as a necessary evil in today’s environment. Medical

Long Overdue Final Rule on Sunshine Act Announced

The physician payment sunshine provisions of the Affordable Care Act have been issued with the intent of reducing potential conflicts of interest. The relationships of physicians and manufacturers are under focus. On February 1, 2013 CMS released the final rule that will increase transparency of relationships between doctors and industry. Data collection will begin on