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Infographic: Healthcare Compliance Training for the Workforce

Successful employee education is an integral part of a comprehensive healthcare compliance program. Compliance professionals must consider which topics should be offered to the workforce. Of course, proper training depends on variables such as type of healthcare organization, roles of employees and location of the entity. States may impose specific requirements that go beyond federal requirements. Generally, four broad categories cover the topics imperative to the start of a comprehensive healthcare compliance program.
HIPAA COVID-19 Updates Webinar

HIPAA in the time of COVID-19: Recent updates and enforcement actions

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Q&A: HIPAA: A Timely Overview & Update

Grant Elliott, CEO and chairman of Ostendio, a collaborative integrative risk-management SaaS platform, presented the webinar “HIPAA: A Timely Overview & Update”. Grant returned to answer many commonly asked questions from the webinar. 

A Look Back at Our 2020 Healthcare Compliance Educational Webinars

Webinars have always been vital in our educational outreach here at First Healthcare Compliance. In this unprecedented year where COVID-19 reached all our communities, we were happy to be there, wherever you were, keeping you abreast of the latest healthcare topics, laws, and changes as they happened with our highly informed, expert presenters through our complimentary webinars.  Here is a look back at our educational webinars in 2020 and a highlight of our top webinar and presenter.
healthcare compliance online training 2021

Online Healthcare Compliance Training for Employees: 4 Topics to Consider

Compliance professionals agree that training the workforce is a major component of a successful compliance program. In fact, employee education is an important first step toward preventing, detecting, and mitigating noncompliance. As a result of the pandemic, online education is a necessity instead of a mere convenience for healthcare compliance professionals and administrators of medical offices tasked with implementing workforce training.

Q&A: HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates

Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, presented the webinar “HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates” recently. Rachel returned to answer many commonly asked questions from the webinar. Be sure to sign up for Rachel’s next webinar, The New AKS and Stark Laws Final Rules – Key Take-Aways about the Final Rules taking effect Jan 1, 2021. This webinar is happening December 17, 2020, 12 pm ET.
Ethics HIPAA

Ethics and 20 years of HIPAA

Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD, CHC, CCEP, will lead the presentation Ethics and 20 years of HIPAA at the upcoming Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit 2020 on November 12

Multiple Learning Credits Available for Attendees of Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit November 12, 2020

The Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit is a joint effort of Delaware Law School and First Healthcare Compliance to provide resources for attorneys and professionals facing the challenges of HIPAA compliance. The online event will be held on November 12, 2020 from 12:00 pm ET until 5:20 pm ET. Registration is available to the public.

Hardware Data Hacking and HIPAA: The Overlooked Cybercrime at the Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit

John S. Shegerian, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of ERI served as the Distinguished Speaker at the Virtual HIPAA Privacy and Security Summit, an event presented by First Healthcare Compliance and Delaware Law School.