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HIPAA and Health Apps

Catherine Short chats with Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, principal of Rachel V. Rose – Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C., Houston, TX, about the topic of “HIPAA and Health Apps.” As technology evolves and features are adopted by healthcare consumers, so does the need for either new regulations and/or guidance on existing regulations. This radio show

Telemedicine Compliance Primer – Using Delaware as a Model

First Healthcare Compliance hosts Andrew B. Wilson attorney and legislative specialist in Morris James LLP’s Health Care Industry and Government Relations Groups for an interactive discussion on “Telemedicine Compliance Primer - Using Delaware as a Model.” Telemedicine is booming nationwide. Practices of all sizes - from the solo practice to the hospital system - are

Avoiding Overutilization vs. Patient Satisfaction: What’s a provider to do?

An increasingly important issue for many providers is the dilemma of providing care that is satisfactory to the patient while avoiding overutilization and its effect on reimbursement.   Unfortunately, the patient’s perceived satisfaction may not be a result of receiving the best quality of care and in some cases may be due to inappropriate or wasteful