A mid-Atlantic based, private practice specializing in pediatric care with ten employees. Client since 2013.


In April 2003, a HIPAA program was initiated by the practice. Additionally, the office manager kept abreast with compliance and the necessary documentation with the help of the state’s medical society which offered annual training on OSHA and HIPAA, and by utilizing other tools the society offered its members related to compliance.

Despite attempts to be pro-active and compliant with the rules and regulations, the office manager recognized the need for a formal program to better manage the day-to-day compliance requirements and potential issues that arise, i.e. PHI, Breach of Confidentiality, employee records, compliance, etc…

Motivated by the desire to remain in compliance with policy and procedure, the office manager was eager to find a less labor intensive solution. The client learned about First Healthcare Compliance from a presentation at a regional conference, and immediately sought the help of First Healthcare Compliance to resolve these needs.


As a comprehensive healthcare compliance program management solution, the client found immediate value from having a structure in place; one that had already been developed and proven for managing healthcare compliance.

The integrated solution consisting of a cloud-based management tool serves as their “go-to” resource for meeting the practice’s compliance needs. By providing everything the practice needs to meet all their regulatory requirements in one place, it is viewed as providing a tremendous advantage and saving them significant time.

The automated weekly email alerts have been invaluable and serve as an ongoing reminder of what needs to be done to remain compliant,. Used in conjunction with the well organized, user-friendly dashboard, the office manager can now readily address areas requiring attention.

The practice also depends on the online training component of the solution for meeting their annual training requirements for OSHA and HIPAA, and for providing training to new employees. Access to this training when and as needed has been a significant time saver and offers the staff convenience and flexibility.

The document library has been extremely useful to the practice by helping them to ensure their documentation is updated and always in place.  It serves as an ongoing resource for developing or updating their documents.

The affordability of the solution makes it equally attractive to the client.  The significant time savings for the staff coupled with the mitigation of risks from using the solution creates a favorable cost/value return.

Michelle Mitchell
General Office Manager
Harry A Lehman III, M.D.
Seaford, DE

“The First Healthcare Compliance solution provides private practice physicians with a very organized, structured and complete approach by capturing everything needed for compliance management in one place. Equally impressive are the compliance expertise and support provided by the First Healthcare Compliance team.

We looked for a solution that was affordable, easy-to-use, and provided the structure, processes and procedures we needed for compliance.  The First Healthcare Compliance solution does all this.  It allows us to save time and mitigate our liability of compliance risks, and gets it done all in one place.  I highly recommend this solution for a private practice physician’s office.”