A mid-size, West Coast-based provider of outsourced medical billing, physician contracts, physician credentialing and practice management services since the mid 1980s. The company is unwavering in its commitment to healthcare compliance, requiring all of its clients to be compliant and to remain compliant as terms of their ongoing business relationship.


Understanding what it takes for their healthcare clients to be compliant and to remain compliant, this healthcare billing company searched continually for a solution that offered a clear, user-friendly, web-based, and affordable solution for their clients to manage their compliance program needs; one which simultaneously provided them the ability to monitor each client’s compliance status.

During the fall of 2014, this company was approached by a prospective healthcare client who lacked infrastructure, processes, systems and staffing, and the resources or tools to address and monitor compliance. Prompted by a desire to serve this client, the company conducted an extensive search for a compliance program management solution that would meet their own business needs and those of the prospective client. They then discovered the First Healthcare Compliance management solution.


The First Healthcare Compliance management solution provided their own business and their healthcare clients’ businesses with the resources and tools needed to be compliant and to remain compliant.

The online training component of the solution has been “invaluable” to their own staff and to their clients by removing the labor intensive efforts associated with training. They are also reaping the time and labor benefits of ‘ready access’ to integrated continuing education available with this solution.

The sample document library is “extremely useful” for clients who need to tap into this online resource to address their compliance documentation needs.

The cloud-based centralized management tool with a clear, easy-to-use dashboard informs the billing company and each of their clients of any outstanding compliance areas that need to be addressed.

The client monitoring zone integrated into the healthcare billing company solution is specifically beneficial. It provides remote oversight so they can stay abreast of each client’s compliance status.

Weekly email alerts provide ongoing reminders to compliance matters, preventing compliance from becoming buried in the constant demands on the time and attention of their own staff and those of their clients.

The affordability of the solution makes it more attractive. The significant time and money saved by both the healthcare billing company and its respective clients present a favorable cost/value proposition for using the solution.

As a current billing company subscriber with many clients subscribed to date and plans to add more clients in the very near term, this healthcare billing company believes the effectiveness of the solution, the time and staff efficiency gains, and the comprehensive, ‘at your fingertips’ tools and resources, are not replicated by any other solution in the market.

In addition to the in-house benefits the healthcare billing company has derived from utilizing the First Healthcare Compliance solution, their clients have equally endorsed the solution and commonly remark that they now feel safer knowing that they’re mitigating risks and are in compliance, yet with minimal expense and a significantly reduced time commitment to this process.

Kris Jones-Bartley, CPC

President, Healthcare Management System
Napa, CA

“I am completely impressed with how creative and ‘on spot’ the First Healthcare Compliance solution is. It serves the needs of our healthcare billing company while equally addressing the compliance management needs of each of our clients.

We looked for well over a year for a solution that was affordable, easy-to-use, and integrated all the professional aspects of compliance (legal, medical, etc…) in one place. The First Healthcare Compliance solution does this. It allows our business and our clients to save time and money, and mitigate compliance risks. I highly recommend it to other healthcare billing companies.”