A mid-Atlantic based, private practice specializing in physical therapy. Client since 2013.


The practice was overwhelmed in trying to keep abreast of HIPAA, OSHA and the other federal healthcare compliance laws, changes and requirements.  Frustrated by these compliance demands and openly discussing this with a patient who was also a healthcare provider in private practice, the therapist/owner learned about the compliance management solution that the patient’s practice adopted to address similar healthcare compliance challenges. The patient spoke highly about the compliance management solution and encouraged the therapist to look into it for their practice’s needs.

Motivated to find an immediate solution to better manage compliance, the practice owner contacted First Healthcare Compliance to help resolve their compliance needs.


As a comprehensive compliance program management solution, the client found immediate value from gaining the ability to stay abreast with healthcare compliance laws and changes. Until then, keeping up with the constantly changing regulations and requirements had been nearly impossible, and now by having everything in one place managing compliance has become timely and efficient for the client.

One area that the client leverages is the constant research that is conducted by First Healthcare Compliance for its clients to remain current on compliance laws, changes and requirements.  The client says it saves the practice a significant amount of money by not having to hire an attorney or other provider to ensure they are meeting their compliance requirements.  The practice’s accountant and billing manager also benefit from the compliance solution.

The document library has been extremely helpful to the practice in ensuring their documentation is updated.  The policies & procedures templates contained in the library are easy for the practice to customize, and have saved significant time and money by not having to hire an outside provider to customize these documents for the practice.

The automated weekly email alerts continue to be of high value, serving as an ongoing reminder of the areas requiring attention to remain in compliance.

The monthly compliance webinars have been timely and valuable to keeping the practice informed of compliance matters.

The compliance program management solution is considered affordable and is stated as “a very good deal” by the practice.  The significant time and costs savings gained; in addition to the practice’s mitigation of risks by using the solution delivers strong value and a solid return.

Nalini Advani, MSPT

Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy

“As a sole practitioner, The First Healthcare Compliance solution provides my practice with everything we need for compliance management in one place. Additionally, having the support of a lawyer, nurse, medical doctor and the compliance experts on the First Healthcare Compliance team provides peace of mind knowing they are there to tap into their compliance knowledge and expertise at any time.

The First Healthcare Compliance solution is affordable, easy-to-use, and provides our practice with exactly what we need for compliance management.  It saves us time and money. I highly recommend this solution for other healthcare providers in private practice.”