A 25-bed critical access hospital located in the South.


As a hospital, the client is required to adhere to all healthcare compliance requirements. Managing employee education and keeping current with HIPAA, OSHA, LEIE and other compliance requirements was difficult and labor intensive. This is a common experience and frustration for hospital compliance officers. Lacking a centralized compliance program management system to help them adhere to these ongoing compliance mandates, the client found it time-consuming and difficult to assess and track their status. Keeping current and managing employee training, monthly LEIE checks, HIPAA, OSHA and other compliance requirements were areas that the client sought a more streamlined, efficient solution for their needs.


The First Healthcare Compliance program management solution for hospitals provided their staff with the online and off-line resources and tools they required for ongoing compliance. The capabilities of the solution enable the hospital to save time and money by gaining efficiencies, and to mitigate ongoing compliance risks in several areas, including:

LEIE checks. The staff lacked the tools and process for checking the LEIE exclusions list of each employee or organization on a monthly basis to ensure they remained in compliance. Using the First Healthcare Compliance Solution solved this challenge for them. Having an automated process for conducting monthly LEIE checks has saved the client significant time and effort, and enabled them to stay current on LEIE exclusions.

Ongoing compliance. With six employees involved in overseeing their compliance, it remained difficult to keep up-to-date on their annual and ongoing compliance requirements. In particular, they have found the solution useful and efficient for addressing their HIPAA needs and requirements. Using the First Healthcare Compliance solution, the client is now confident that they are meeting their ongoing compliance requirements.

Compliance status and executive dashboard. Delivered automatically, a weekly email provides a “snapshot” alert or reminder of compliance areas requiring attention. The client has found this valuable in saving time and gaining efficiency through the ability to login to the management dashboard and make corrections instantly. The client has now gained peace of mind from knowing where they stand in each compliance area on an ongoing basis.

Employee training. This is one of the key capabilities of the solution that prompted them to subscribe to the First Healthcare Compliance Solution. The Training and Compliance Zone integrated into the First Healthcare Compliance solution provides online training and ‘ready access’ to meet the training needs of their 150+ employees.

Having used a paper-based method previously for employee training, the solution has streamlined the entire education and management process. It is now with ease; they share, track and manage this process.

Additionally, employees have found the training to be user-friendly, engaging and convenient to access and address their needs.

Resources on demand. The client will turn to the Sample Document Library that is integral to the solution when they need help in customizing or updating their Policies and Procedures. Sample action plans, compliance policies, office and security policies and more are at their disposal to save significant time and effort.

Additionally, the ongoing Webinars provided by First Healthcare Compliance are helpful to the client. Accessing timely, relevant content presented by subject experts via a convenient online platform provides them with the current knowledge and insights they need to manage compliance.

Employee Education Administrator

“The First Healthcare Compliance solution is an easy-to-use system for managing our compliance requirements for the ongoing mandatory regulations that affect our hospital.

The solution is very user-friendly, and easy to setup. It gives us the tools and resources we need to ensure that our hospital and employees are up-to-date and meeting federal compliance requirements.

The training component of the solution has been very valuable to the management and dissemination of our entire education process.

The First Healthcare Compliance solution offers a efficient system to access and manage our education and other compliance needs with ease and effectiveness. The team at First Healthcare Compliance is very helpful, great to work with and provide excellent follow-up. I give the solution and the team an excellent recommendation.”