Program Description

This program focuses on Charge Description Master (CDM) and other applicable masterfile updates for the upcoming new year.

  • Manual sections & streaming lecture sessions are broken out by clinical or technical areas or by code families when applicable.
  • This program should be considered along with your organization’s specific Masterfile (CDM, EAP, etc.) content within your hospital-endorsed and licensed reference sources.
  • Prior to making masterfile changes, be sure to collaborate with your organization’s CDM and Revenue Integrity Team for coordinated masterfile update efforts.

Manual Sections & Streaming Webinar Topics

  • OPPS 2024 Highlights (1Q24 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    (CMS information)
  • MPFS 2024Highlights (1Q24 CMS information)
  • 1st quarter 2024 CPT-4 & HCPCS Changes by Code Section
  • Annual Charge Master Update Preparation and Plans

Download the in-depth program manual to follow along with the video lessons

OPPS Corrections Document
MPFS Final Rule Corrections Document

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