An interview with Jim Cucinotta, CEO of Halo Health International.

Who is Halo Health and why should anyone care?  

Halo Health is a digital content management company that helps healthcare professionals explain to their patients the key questions of what do they do, when and where do they perform their services, how these services help their patients and why this is important to improving their patients’ lives. Halo Health uses four main patient education platforms to achieve this:  waiting room or exam room education systems, a tablet based application, in patient TV channels, and direct to patient applications. These platforms are customized for the practice, health system or provider specialty, focus on their staff, services, and health goals, and are advertiser free.

The waiting room/exam room platform includes monitors running specialized content that help the patient learn how to live better, avoid lifestyle based disease states, manage disease states like diabetes and COPD, and why this particular health system, practice or provider is the expert in helping you live a more productive life. The systems help patients navigate their health system by introducing specialists, medical centers, and other useful services that their current provider may refer them to see. Content changes frequently and is sourced from major medical associations.

The tablet based application is even more customized as it is meant for use between the provider, their staff and the patient to reinforce specific direction that the patient has received. Videos on how to use a glucometer, how to administer insulin and other important things a diabetic needs to learn are in the app as well as eating guidelines, exercises, and other encouraging videos.

The in-patient channels are segmented by disease state and focus on the “story” of helping a patient navigate their hospital and health. The content introduces the patient to their issue, explains the steps in recuperation and shows how their staff are the experts. Discharge planning tools can be introduced in these channels to help patients and their caregivers prepare for their return home.

Our marketing services enable a provider to increase their online presence and become the expert to their patients. Many times, patients are left to fend for themselves by searching online because their current professional does not provide the resources they need. Halo Health reduces that need and establishes the professional the expert that patients need to visit first. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their website get enhanced and their direct mail/email becomes more productive.

How does the provider benefit from Halo?  

The provider must provide patient education. Halo Health helps the provider explain to the patient not only the nuts and bolts of healthcare but how they made a great choice in providers in a way that their patient is used to receiving information. Over 80% of people receive their news in a video format, but very few offices offer their patient education in a video format. The provider can feel confident that their patients are hearing the message that they want to them to hear, not a third party’s take on health. Most providers see an increase in revenue because patients are more engaged. They ask questions and give input on their state of health that help the provider treat them more accurately.  


How does the patient benefit?  

Having a patient navigate their health is one of the trickiest roads in healthcare. By explaining to the patient at their time of need where to go, what to do, and whom to talk to to improve their health is an invaluable tool. Our platforms enable a health system to manage the patient’s flow through the health system- telling them where to get an MRI, where the PT and Health Centers are, who the preferred pharmacies are, where their specialty offices are located- and they can tell them how to live with their disease state- all at the time when patients are looking for the information. The office is also able to build a bond with the patients which research shows helps with positive outcomes and higher satisfaction. When you invest in technologies like Halo Health that humanize your practice, your patients will feel better about their decision to work with a particular doctor.