An interview with Kris Jones-Bartley of Healthcare Management Systems.

What is the history of Healthcare Management Systems?

I began my career in medical practice management while I was still in college. I worked my way through college in administrative positions in physician practices and developed my analytical and management skills to assist physicians in starting practices and helping struggling practices. I noticed the need for motivated, ethical, business-minded professionals to enhance medical practice profitability and morale by alleviating stress on physicians and their staff. In 1984, I founded Healthcare Management Systems to provide business solutions for medical practices.

Over the last 30+ years, HCMS has been built into a multi-faceted medical practice management company with more than two dozen employees and clients nationwide. HCMS provides billing, management and subscription services for primary care and sub-specialty practices. HCMS manages every phase of a medical practice, from start-up to retirement, and including the recovery of practices “on the brink” of insolvency.

How is Healthcare Management Systems different from other billing companies?

Healthcare Management Systems (HCMS) believes in customized business solutions. There is no “one size fits all”. We assess each client’s practice and create an individualized plan of recommendations to increase profitability, efficiency, effectiveness and/or retention.  Clients can choose to adopt the entire HCMS recommended plan, or choose from our menu of a la carte business services. HCMS creates a customized service plan for each client based on their needs AND budget.  We do not have fixed rates.

HCMS employees receive continuous training and education to stay current in the ever-changing medical billing, contracting and related issues. Our turnover rate is incredibly low. HCMS treats our team like we treat our clients – as the individuals they are. HCMS technology is cutting edge. We run nearly 95% paper free. We are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Customer service is top priority – with HCMS team members on both coasts and in-between, we are proud to offer enhanced availability for our clients. Every client is assigned an account manager they communicate with directly. Should a Supervisor be needed, HCMS has a clear chain of command laddering all the way to the top. As true partners in business, HCMS works to continuously educate our clients on billing changes, and shifts in healthcare in private and public sectors. Tactically, HCMS sees the end game (claims being paid or denied) and we can help clients understand trends in payer activity – this helps our clients prevent wasted resources and time.

What does the future of HCMS look like?

HCMS has been in business for over 30 years. Our success is built on motivation, work ethic, and intellect, as well as our continuous eye on the state of the industry. We adapt to the industry – not the other way around – this is our responsibility to HCMS clients.

What types of providers do you partner with?

This is a great question – we work with all types of providers: surgeons, specialists, psychiatrists, concierge, primary care, direct primary care.  Concierge-style medicine is a segment of the provider population in need of specialized billing services due to the “white glove” services model.  HCMS is well-suited to fill that need with service and technology.

How do we sign up?

Call HCMS office at 707-255-8825 and speak with President Kris Jones-Bartley, or Ami Tucker, HCMS Director of Revenue Cycle Management.  Read more at