Why payers can’t ignore the interoperability rules and should comply sooner rather than later

Catherine Short speaks with Dr. Chris Hobson, Chief Medical Officer for Orion Health. The topic of today’s program is “Why payers can’t ignore the interoperability rules and should comply sooner rather than later.” The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule approved by CMS and ONC is intended to advance patient participation through access to their health information and to drive advanced interoperability and innovation across the U.S. These rules will have significant impact on payer organizations who are currently facing unprecedented times; with multiple pressures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty as to the likely model for healthcare funding and delivery going forward, and calls to reduce inequity within the healthcare system, to name a few. The shift to patient-centric care is upon us and the call for payers to comply is urgent. This interview will discuss the new interoperability rules and the impact to payers, where payers should start on their journey towards interoperability and why payers should comply with these rules sooner rather than later. 

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  1. Aaron Margulies
    Aaron Margulies says:

    I have not yet listened, but 1 hour? Really? Can’t you a have a short, 5 minute summary. I am a physician and listening to HR for an hour ……..

    • Catherine Short
      Catherine Short says:

      Hello and thank you for taking an interest in this podcast and our material. This podcast is part of the show 1st Talk Compliance and all shows there are under half-hour. This one is 26 minutes. We also put up audio recordings of our webinars so those are available to those who desire that format, which are an hour, but this is not one of those. Please take a listen and enjoy!

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