An interview with Kelly Anderson, National Inside Sales Manager at First Healthcare Compliance.

Kelly, can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself and your role here?

Thank you for talking with me today, I’m excited to tell you about our sales team here at First Healthcare Compliance.  My career in sales started many years ago selling solutions to my customers in the carpet industry while working for the DuPont Company.  Over the years I had different roles in both sales and marketing management at DuPont and later Koch Industries when they acquired that business. Those experiences allowed me to work with many different customers, all of different sizes and needs. My role here at First Healthcare Compliance is to ensure our sales team delivers the best healthcare compliance solutions available in the marketplace to a wide range of healthcare providers; anywhere from private practices, hospitals, long term care facilities etc.  We even have solutions specifically for billing companies.


Tell us about the First Healthcare Compliance sales team:

Our sales team is awesome!  Although we are all quite different in personality and background, we all have one important thing in common, we are problem solvers. I always say that the clients we engage with are the busiest people I have ever worked with. I have called on CEO’s that have less stress than most of these administrators.  Healthcare is dynamic, with different fires to put out everyday and those issues tend to land on our client’s desks.  We know regulatory compliance is a struggle for many because it has become pretty complex and it’s always evolving and changing.  Our sales team works with those responsible for compliance in their organization to identify what areas they are finding challenging and then educating them on our solutions to ease those burdens.  It’s really great selling something that you know solves problems for these folks and makes their jobs less stressful.  


What new things are happening in the sales department, what can clients expect to see in the future:

As a company, we are always looking to add value to our solutions to address client’s needs and challenges.  We strive to listen to client’s “pain points” and then address them as quickly as possible with innovative, yet easy to use and implement solutions.

We use social media platforms to push our solutions out to the market: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, so folks can learn about new initiatives.  Go on any of those platforms and you’ll learn about our new Fundamentals course and book for folks who are looking for a base fundamentals understanding of compliance without investing in full on compliance certification curriculum.