Hardware Hacking: The Overlooked CyberCrime. Is Your Data Safe?

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Catherine Short speaks with John Shegerian Cofounder and Executive Chairman of ERI the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States. Today, we are discussing “Hardware Hacking: The Overlooked CyberCrime. Is Your Data Safe?” Today, the recycling of electronics in the healthcare sector faces a huge obstacle in the form of digital privacy. Many organizations are reluctant to recycle their old or unwanted electronics for fear that their proprietary and patient data will be compromised. And the fears are not without merit. The recycling of e-waste has indeed become an issue that transcends environmental responsibility – still the principle motivation – and has moved into the realm of privacy and regulatory issues. We will discuss how things have changed in terms of data contained on end-of-life devices and what can and should be done about it. We will learn about the data that is still stored on devices even after those devices have been “wiped,” about the kinds of devices that store data (now more than ever), and explore how responsible data protection AND sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. 

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